About me

september 23, 2023 - About Me
About me

I’m in my fifties and I has been an aviation enthusiast since 1989 where I took my first pictures in Copenhagen Airport. I still remember the reason why I took out to the airport and that was to find out of how the airplane I should fly whith looks like. During the few hours i spent looking and took some photo, i heard the “old” spotters talk about what they expected later in the week. I sounds interessting and I drow out to airport again two days later just to see a lot of photographpers talking about the special color schems the plane had. in the next couple of week I joined the plane spotter community.

Would I recommend others to go to Copenhagen Airport to photograph planes? Yes, under normal circumstances you will see all movements. The normal pattern is, landings either take place from 22L or 04L.

Me and my pictures

When I have to edit my images, I have used the following workflow as often as possible. I edit an image in an older version of Lightroom and export it into an equally older version of Photoshop. if the result is good, I go back to Lightroom and copy the settings to the next 10-15 images. It saves a lot of time, but in some cases does not give an optimal image but a good image.

On the individual blogs, depending on when the picture was taken, there is a difference in the picture dimension. The oldest galleries have an image dimension of 1200×800, where the newest have 1800×1200. Unless I get a lot of time, I have no intention of changing this.

Still to come

Do I still have some objectives to achives? Yes, my intentione is to visit Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda in japan and I have never lost the idea to make a combination with Ted Stevens Airport in Achorage Alaska and Los Angelses Airport. It seems like the airport in Anchorage is a no go, because of the closing dowm one of the best spot.

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