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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, (BKK) 5. december 2018 (Day 5)
The last day in Bangkok, like the previous ones, was characterized by good weather and many and varied flights. I was going on to Vietnam to spend a day [...]
Bangkok Don Mueang, (DMK) 4. december 2018 (Day 4)
Together with the three Germans I had met, we took a whole day out to Don Mueang Airport to photograph some of the regional traffic that cannot be seen in [...]
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, (BKK) 3. december 2018 (Day 3)
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, (BKK) 2. december 2018 (Day 2)
Another day where many pictures were taken. I also met three Germans who stayed in the same hotel as me, mentioned under day 1.
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, (BKK) 1. december 2018 (Day 1)
I have to admit that Bangkok Suvarnabhumi is a great airport to visit. I visited Bangkok in early December 2018. The weather at this time of year is [...]
Copenhagen (CPH) 3. June 2018
Copenhagen Airport is my home airport and I have been traveling around the airport to take pictures for over 35 years. The first years were of course done [...]
Beijing int’l, (PEK) Part Two, 07. to 08. October 2015
Beijing int’l, (PEK) Part One, 03. to 06. October 2015
I Beijing Airport was an spotting object many year, and there were several parameters that I have to take into account before the perfect time could be [...]
London Heathrow (LHR) 4. and 5. september 2015
After a meeting in London i decided to extend my stay for one day. I use it in London Heathrow airport in a cold and cloudy and rainy day. The first day i [...]
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Museum
During our holiday where we visited both New York and Washington, I visited the two aircraft museums which are located in the Smithsonian area and in the [...]